No Strings Attached: Ashton Kutcher barefoot and shirtless

I’m sure you’ve seen the posters of Mr. Kutcher barefoot.  Here’s the online preview, where he’s half-naked and barefoot quite a bit, including a a pretty nice sole shot at 1:27.

Here’s a cap.  Yer welcome.  😉

I’ve kind of heard already the movie isn’t very good (not that I was expecting it would be), but with Ashton generously showing some much skin and sole, it should make for a good movie to cap later on.  😉

Not much else in other news, other than work is having it’s ups and downs, and that a possible meet didn’t happen.  But have been bonding with some online friends lately, so that’s been nice.  Lots of work ahead of me in the week to come.

Since we are talking about shirtless videos, I really can’t quite resist this new commercial.

Apparently his name is Andrew J. West.  I’m a fan now!  Let’s hope to see him barefoot soon.  Although I do have to say this commercial had the opposite effect on me:  I just want an iPhone more than ever.  😉  Hopefully I’ll be getting my first soon, since Verizon finally has it.

I’m kinda in the mood for something silly, and I may do a fun post next Sunday, just for entertainment.  We’ll see how it goes.

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