Gunge advice

Been getting a lot of new readers lately, and one noticed that I was getting into gunge, and was kind enough to offer me some advice about using Wallpapper Paste.  Thought it would be good to pass along!

“The ‘active’ ingredient of most clear liquid paper pastes (including wallpaper paste) is methyl cellulose, which is a white powder that can be dissolved in water. As a result, you can make it as thick or runny as you like and color it with any kind of water-based dye. It’s also undigestable, non-toxic and not allergenic; in theory, you could even eat it, although I recommend against it because (1) wallpaper paste does not use food-grade methyl cellulose (it could be contaminated with other chemicals from manufacturing or processing); (2) the paste could contain other, glue-improving chemicals (that’s why you want to buy the cheapest kind for lightweight wallpapers; glue for heavy-weight wallpapers contain other stuff as well); (3) it tastes (yes I have swallowed some; without adverse effects) slightly alkaline (but you can improve that with adding food flavouring of course).
Using this glue as a lubricant has some downsides as well: (1) because it’s water-based, it will dry out if left open (eg when using it for a handjob; personally, I use it to lube up wetsuits on the inside, then it doesn’t dry out). Adding more water will, of course, loosen and dissolve any dried up glue and make it slimy again. (2) If it stays in contact with your skin for a long time, your skin will wrinkle (it’s the same osmotic effect as what you get if you take a long bath). (3) it sticks (well, it’s used as glue after all).
The good thing about it is that it’s available at almost every DIY store, although over here (Belgium) I’ve only seen it sold in powder form. But in my experience, any premixed liquid is more expensive than the unmixed stuff it’s based on. And, it you mix it yourself, you can make it thicker than any of-the-shelf premix if you like. Also, it washes off reasonably easy with water (including hair).”
He also noted you can visit the Wikipedia page for more info:

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