Some down time at last

It’s been a crazy time at work lately, but finally I’m on a bit of a slow down.  Actually, my work is never really slow, but it’s been crazier than usual lately.  Had the weekend entirely free, and took advantage having solo fun with the BF out of town.  Relaxed, shopped, and visited some local attractions that I enjoy.

On an ego note, after a long time being in the top 12 of Best Male Blogs, I’ve finally fallen off the list.  But only because that list is for blogs with 50-100 votes, and now I have 101.  The list for blogs with more than 100 votes is a pretty competitive one, so I’m not really expecting the break through that one.  But it was fun while it lasted.  Of course, if any of you want to vote highly of me, I won’t argue!

So I guess today is the Superbowl.  And while I’m not a stereotypical gay, I suppose I do fit the mold a bit by not caring much about football.  Aside from hunky guys in the uniforms.  If that is your sort of thing, be sure to stop by my other blog, Captured Heroes, for a football update special.

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