Being Social Network Friends

So with MaleFeetLover basically replacing the old, I’m going on the record stating my personal views of adding “friends”:

  • You need to fill out at least basic info on your profile.  Age and location especially… if I don’t travel internationally much, I’m generally not interested friending people I have no hope of ever meeting unless I find the rest of your profile compelling (i.e., we have common interests, such as bondage, bastinado, odd sense of humor, etc.).  But I can’t know if you’re profile is interesting if you have nothing there!  And I don’t care if you’re older or younger, but there is a difference in interacting with a 20 y.o. vs. a 45 y.o.
  • You need at least a few pics in your profile.  You don’t want to show your face; fine, I don’t show mine either.  I understand that angle.  But feet are pretty anonymous, and cameras are easy to come by, so there’s really no excuse there.
  • Don’t have a gazillion friends already.  That’s a real turn off to me.  You may think you’re just a friendly guy, and maybe you are, but to me, it just looks a bit needy and unnecessary.

So if you try to friend me, and I turn you down, check back with this list.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been a little negligent in checking up on the GoogleClosesGayBlogs blog, and it seems a lot of blogs got shut down very recently.  From the bit of research I’ve done, it may be that many blogs are being marked as spam.  Apparently, spam blogs are a huge problem, and in the process of shutting them down, many innocent blogs get caught in the crossfire.  I’m sort of drawing my own conclusion here, but it makes some sense to me.  In any case, two blogs I liked (NikePL and In Seach of a Boy) were two of the casualties.

I’m not planning on taking this blog down, so if you see it disappear one day, then it was the latest victim.  Visit one of my other profiles (GearFetish, Recon, or YouTube: solebaring) for info.  Truth be told, some of you longer followers may recall this (as well as my other blog, Captured Heroes) both did get shut down once before.  Fortunately, I was able to re-open them again in short order by confirming an activation code.

If anyone has any thoughts on either issue, feel free to share!

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