Funny how the tables can turn

You know, before I had this blog, I had a website.  I had posted pics of me and my feet in self bondage.  I was a single guy at the time, and I just knew I liked feet and bondage, and wanted to combine them.  I enjoyed myself a lot, but I had always looked at other sites and blogs and had envied all their hot bondage sessions.  There was so much I wanted to try and do, and I just couldn’t do it alone.

Now I have a great BF who is very into bondage.  And with him, I have done some very hot scenes.  He was my first mummification, which was something I had fantasized about for a very, very long time.  And he’s put me in other positions that I couldn’t even have imagined.  In fact, nearly all the bondage pics of me on this blog are actually his handiwork.  And I’ve discovered that my blog has sort of become something that lots of other guys look to as inspiration or their own fantasies.  I’m finding myself on the other side of the experience.

Yet I still sometimes gaze at other blogs, pics, and sites, and continue to be envious.  There are guys doing things out there that seem to be things I may never get to, even with my great BF, simply because you need the correct equipment, facilities, or experience.  (I’m talking such things as suspension, stocks, vac beds, group bondage, etc.)  I guess it just seems that we can never have enough, can we?  😉

On a side note, I now own my first iPhone.  I’ve had an iPod Touch for a long time, and was really enjoying it, and decided to go whole hog.  Messaging and texting can now be a lot easier.  And I’m actually most excited to have the camera.  I’m hoping I can take some very sexy pics, and maybe some candids later.  And maybe some facetime chats, should I be so inclined.  Should be interesting to see where this takes me!

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