Small Balls

I have no qualms about being honest about myself.  I have small balls.

I’m not sure why, but it’s particularly unfortunate, because I really enjoy CBT.  However, my balls can tighten up to a point where they’re very difficult to put into parachutes, crushers, or even just tied… they’ve been known to slip out of knots.

Case in point, I recently bought a ball crusher.  And playing by myself, it took me over twenty minutes just to get my balls in the device in the first place.  I’d slip them in, but then when I’d tighten the plates, invariably one ball would slip right out of the hole in the back.  I finally had to “pre-tie” them up with a small rope first, then work them through the hole to ensure them staying up.  Even then, once I’d tighten, you’d barely be able to see my balls being crushed by the platform at all.

On top of all that, it turns out that the pressure on my balls is almost too intense for me–as in to the point of feeling nauseous, it’s so tight.  But if it were any looser, they’d slip out.  It’s sort of a Catch-22.

They can be worked on, but it takes a lot of patience and sometimes a little bit of luck.  Sometimes, I wish they’d hang a little lower.  Does anyone else have this problem?

On a side note, even more blogs are being shut down!  Flip Flop Boy II and Sethboyardee both got removed, among many others.  I hope nothing happens here!  I do try to back up these blogs occasionally, and I’d work on finding a new host.  Any recommendations, just in case?

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