Celebs to watch for

And yes, they are all over 18.  So it’s okay to fantasize.  😉

Gregg Slukin
A teen werewolf?  I’m in!  Gotta say that David Henrie is the guy who makes me watch this show (and he’s legal, to boot), but I wouldn’t mind him and Gregg getting entangled together in some sort of fiendish trap.  Oh, did I mention he has a British accent?  *melts*

Nice kicks, eh?

Cute smile!  Will be even cuter with a ball gag in place…
Dang, can they just make out already?  Or at least be hogtied together?  Maybe spread-eagle and standing naked back to back.  Not that I’ve thought about this or anything…

Dan Benson
Wizards of Waverly Place just gets all the cute guys, eh?  This guy plays one of David Henries buddies, if I’m not mistaken.  I just watch the show with the volume off, if you follow me.

Lucas Grabeel
Second fiddle on High School Musical, but just as cute and talented.  And he’s shown off his feet before during HSM 2!  Also seems very gay friendly, if not gay himself.

Ooooh, gunged!

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