Calming down

After a very unexpectedly crazy and stressful week at work, things are slowly calming down a bit.  It’s still busy, but at a more relaxed level than before.  In fact, a couple of things that have been long in the works are actually coming to fruition.  So that’s pretty nice!

Of course, it goes without saying that what’s happened in Japan is terrible.  I can barely even watch the footage, it’s so depressing.  It does put any problems in my own life in perspective.  I can’t imagine what those people are going through out there.

Not too much to report on fetish or play stuff.  I did get a session or two in with the BF, with some minor pics to come later.  One was lycra related, but another was being vertically tied in a sleepsack with a shoe over my face.  That was fun!

Had dinner out with the BF last night, and he swore the waiter at the table next to us was a former bondage model from Apollo video, possibly Jimmy Dean from Agony.  I never got a direct look at him, and while I found him fairly attractive, I didn’t think so.  Still, it did bring back memories… this was among the first of my collection of bondage videos.  This is before there was the internet, you know, and the only bondage outlet I had at the time was the awesome Bound & Gagged magazine, which ran ads for both Apollo video and Graphik Arts.  I ordered from both, and still have many of the videos!  Hard to believe that was the only option back then.

On an unrelated note, while a lot of people have posted this vid already, I can’t resist it either.  I can’t get over the idea of Dave Franco (who I think is just as hot as his brother, if not more so) deep-throating a cumscicle.  The visual (and audio) is impressive.  And on a personal kick, it doesn’t hurt to see that both are barefoot at the end, although you don’t really get that good of a look at their feet.

Also, it’s been fun to notice that my other blog, Captured Heroes, is also in the top 12 of blogs with 50-100 votes at Best Male Blogs!  It’s kinda cool knowing that both of my blogs got voted so high.  I’d love to see this blog get into the top 12 of blogs with 100+ votes, but I know the competition is pretty stiff, so I don’t really expect it.  But still, if you like this, voting for me wouldn’t hurt!  You don’t often see a fetish blog in there, so that would be super cool!

Other than that, just hoping this blog never gets unexpectedly shut down by google, like so many others have.  On a good note, many are getting reopened again, and FlipFlopBoy had some good perspective about his recent situations.  I think I would feel similar if it happened to me.

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