Parade of the Red Heads

To be honest, I’ve never really thought about redheads much either way.  Not turned on, not turned off.  But recently, I’ve been in contact with at least three different redheads, and I have to admit, they’ve all been pretty hot.  I think I need to give them a little more thought.  😉

On an unrelated note, something else that turns me on:  very high, arched eyebrows.  That can really make me melt.  They can make a guy look angelic one minute, and devilish the next.  Love that sort of versatility.  It can come in handy.  It’s epitomized in this pic of one of my bigger celebrity crushes, Brian Austin Green:

What strange things turn you on?

P.S.  On a side note, if you haven’t been noticing, there are new (to me) blogs that I’ve been adding to both of my blogrolls, so take an extra look there if you haven’t seen them already.  I also have to add there have been a lot of interesting things going on in my life, so I may have even more to say later on.  😉

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