TFG Feet Tops, Toes, & More!

So here you go… hope you enjoy more from my iPhone.

I love this pic… you can really see my meaty footpads.  You feel your nose being enveloped by my toes, capturing all the smell so that you have to breathe them in…

Some assorted tops. Taken with a flash, which sort of makes them look a bit off-color and yellowed.  I assure you they look better in real life.  For some reason, they don’t photograph well.  Maybe I need someone to take pics for me.  Any volunteers?  I can’t pay you except in odor…


Squeezed in a few more sole shots for you, too.

Do you like me better with my shirt on…

… or off?

Yeah, I figured off.

Lastly, two final sole shots for you to push your face into and begin to sniff and lick.

And I assure you, they are as soft as they look.  Like stinky pillows for your face.  Hope you enjoyed!

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