Foot Contact, Updates to Blogrolls

Over the week, I got an opportunity to do some physical therapy type classes, and I had the opportunity to with with a cute guy’s sweaty, smelly socks and feet.

As an exercise for a class, we had to partner up and sit on the floor.  Our shoes were off, and we sat facing each other.  We were working on feet articulation, and I had to press down on the tops of his feet while he outstretched his legs. He still had his socks half on (rolled down to expose his heels) and they were nice and sweaty. His socks were pretty damp, and the main workout hadn’t even started yet–this was just from his feet being in his shoes all day. And even from a fair distance, I could smell them. Phew!  It took all my willpower not to find an excuse to bury my face deeper into his feet.

Inspired, not long after this incident, I went back to that sock I found nearly a month ago.  I had initially discovered it inside out, and had kept it that way.  Since it’s been a while, the odor has long since dissipated, but I was going to put it on for some fantasy fun.  To do so, I reversed it to it’s normal state, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the sole was a bit crusty, and still had a bit of stink to it, all this time later!  Tied it to my face yet again, and was able to get my rocks off, all this time later.  I’ve since turned it inside out again, to better preserve the odor.  We’ll see how long this lasts.  I hope a while.  It’s so sexy!

Oh yeah, and if you haven’t noticed already, I’ve been adding all kinds of blogs to the blogroll.  Be sure to check them out sometime!

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