3 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

  1. Hello! you can do this to me. I have always wished to be like that. im a guy from spain and have big feet.!
    if you want wecan chat!
    my skype nickname is: grevgrev7
    thanks again!

    1. Sadly, I don’t get to Spain and I don’t have skype. 🙁 But I hope you can find someone to do it to you, and send me the pics!

      1. Fortunately, everything can be realized. I’m sure I’ll get it, thank you very much. Undoubtedly, I will not take photos, because these have to do with my privacy and with the man with whom I will have made that dream come true.
        But thanks! I can not spend a lifetime watching photos online. It would be very cruel for my sense of touch.
        A hug!

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