Solo J-lube gunge session, and Twitter Time!

So first off, I have to mention that I broke down and got myself a twitter account.  It’s at the very easy to remember  I did it primarily so that in case anything unforeseen happen to this blog (such as google shutting it down spontaneously), you can follow me there for any updates.  But I’ll also use it to post pics that stand alone, post pics I see out and about with my iPhone, and general fetish-related updates.  With a couple of general life/mood thrown in from time to time.  So visit sometimes, won’t you?

This is not a pic of me nor J-Lube, but you get the idea.

Onto more kinky stuff.  I’ve been in the mood for some gunge lately, not sure why. So with the BF out of town on business, I decided to experiment for a bit.

I’ve already used J-lube in small amounts for jacking off, but had never made a big enough batch for a body gunge.  I sort of eyeballed the amount (which, after finding the directions later, advised not to do).  Probably wasn’t the best proportion, but it would do.  The directions also recommend letting a batch sit overnight, so that the air bubbles dissipate.  I just left the bubbles.  I also added some green food color, which as also pretty sexy.

It was super sticky like pizza cheese in the sense that it would really stretch and be stringy.  I didn’t put any in my hair, because I was concerned about time and not being able to wash it out (especially with the food coloring).  A little bit went a long way, however.  I do like that it’s odorless.  It is as slippery as all hell.  But my favorite aspect of any gunge is that goopy, slimy noise it makes when you rub it.  That’s the aspect that turns me on the most.  And boy, did it!  It was awesome to rub it all over my chest, legs, and feet, and listen to the sexy, slimy sound.  I had just rubbed it all over my foot, and was getting ready to press my lubed foot into my face when the anticipation of it over came me, and I came.  😉

Now, the downside–the clean up.  The bottle recommends salt, and I did have the foresight to have a container of it nearby.  I did this session in the tub, and it did take some time to get it all off me.  The salt helped a lot, and it was this aspect that made me thankful I didn’t put it in my hair.  I’m guessing it’s probably not the best stuff for the drain, but I also figure this is not something I’ll be doing regularly due to the mess and time involved, so I’m hoping occasional use won’t have any long term effects on the plumbing.

But I would like to do it again somewhat soon!

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