For some reason, with the pic below, I have a story in my head that it was taken during an online domination session.  Now, this is purely fictional, but I can imagine the messages going something like this:
Master:  Put that collar on your neck.
Slave:  Yes sir.
Master:  Now tug on it.  Everytime you tug, it means that I own you.
Slave:  Yes sir.  I’m tugging now, sir.  I’m yours, sir.
Master:  Get those legs up, boi.  I want to see that tender ass of yours.
Slave:  Yes sir.  Is this good, sir?

Master:  Well, done, slave.  Now lick those fingers of yours and start sticking them in.
Master:  Tug that leash, boi.  Remember who owns you.  You do what I say, slut.
Slave:  Yes sir.  I’m tugging.  Now I’m licking.
Master:  Get all of those fingers wet and slick.
Slave:  Yes sir
Master:  Now slide them in, one knuckle depth at a time
Slave:  Ahhhhh… it hurts, sir
Master:  Shut up, slave.  Take off that sock and stuff it in your mouth.
Slave:  Yes sir….  mmmmppphhhfff, it smells
Master:  Take it, you whore.  Pull that leash tight.
Slave:  Yes sir.  I’m yours, sir.  I do what you say.  It feels so good, sir.

Whew!  I guess I’ve got a good imagination.

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