This is the toy I’ve dreamed about

I’ve actually talked about something like this on my old website, years ago… so to discover this pic was pretty hot!  Anyone know where it’s from, or who made it?

[pic temporary removed as I will be getting a new version soon! – TFG]

I’m not as much a boot guy, but I can figure it’d be the easiest to work with for this use.  Now it just needs a smelly foot to be wearing that boot right on his face.  Can you imagine being tied down, and having that foot filled boot strapped to your face, with no possibility of escape?  You could squirm all you want, that foot isn’t going anywhere.  Damn, I just got hard thinking about it.

One of my ultimate fantasies is to be tied spread eagled to a bed, with my four extremities tied to the faces of other hogtied guys.  May or may not be possible, but it’s a hot thought.

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