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I don’t do much with videos here, because I find the Xtube ones a pain to embed, and the YouTube ones tend to get taken down so quickly. But I have to mention Restwalker’s videos, who is clearly doing the Lord’s work in feet food smashing, bondage, and abuse videos.  If you haven’t seen them already, do yourself a treat and stop by and put in your request.  I know I have!  In fact, I recently contacted him, and he put together an impressive complied list of foot smashing videos here.  Thanks so much for that, I’ll be busy for hours now!  😉

If you are one of the people who seem to enjoy all the celebrity bondage/gag pics, be sure to visit the return of war7467’s Flickr profile.  He took some time off, but has returned with a vengeance!  You will probably see some of his pics appear here in the future, but why wait if you can see them now?

You also may have noticed I’ve included my twitter feed to the site at the right sidebar.  I will post random pics, info, and thoughts there.  But in case this blog ever gets shut down, it’ll be the place to go for the latest info, so be sure to bookmark it just in case!  And if you think there’s a twitter feed I’d be interested in, let me know!  To be sure you visit, I listed a link to a super hot tapegag technique, appropriately illustrated with hot pics.  You won’t be disappointed!

I’ve also ran into a couple of very hot tumblr blogs that I’ve added to my blogroll at the first sidebar.  I’m still not completely won over on tumblr, because I’m not a huge fan of the largely one pic posting, and I also don’t care for the fact that most don’t seen to link to other blogs or have a contact page (unless you have a tumblr profile yourself, but I already have so much going on, I’d rather not).  But the upside of having only one pic in a post sort of mean that it’s going to be a very hot, sexy one.  Anyway, be sure to check them out:  Leather. Bondage. Love.; pvrtd; Barefoot men in bondage.  I’m sure there are many more that I’ll be discovering later!  Enjoy!

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