Day: May 7, 2011

Flashback: The Brotherhood & other David De Coteau goodness

Ah, good ole’ David DeCoteau.  I still remember the first time I saw the movies The Brotherhood and VooDoo Academy.  Those were important movies to me at the time, and, to me, classics in homoerotica.

By today’s standards, there are pretty mild.  And they are pretty slow paced.  He initially called them “horror movies for pre-teen girls” or something like that, since they did feature eye candy, but were essentially bloodless, and about as scary as a campfire tale… probably less so.  But no one was watching for the plot, I can bet that!  The eye candy was delish, and some amateurish bondage popped up now and again.  And let’s not forget that Brotherhood II stared a then unknown first timer Sean Farris.

It did always bother me that he nearly always had the guys keep their socks on.  Hello, they’re already basically naked, so can we just see their feet?!?  So I was very happy with Leeches! (and Ring of Fire, but more so Leeches), which had both barefoot boyz and bondage to boot.

And the classic scene from this movie:

I only wish he’d been gagged. Barefoot would have helped too.  And oh, to be one of the guys doing the leech puppetering! Now, that’s not something I get to say often. 😉

I have to say that after following him for a while, I haven’t kept up with his latest work.  I think I need to catch up sometime in the future.