Joy of Gay Feet Sex; Twitter; How was the Apocalypse?

Flipped through a copy of the book “The Joy of Gay Sex” at a book store, and I liked a few of its quotes about feet.

“To some men, however, feet are as sexually stimulating as a cute ass or a big dick is to men with more traditional tastes.  and while odors from the feet are repugnant to some, they are the ambrosia of smells to others–especially after a long, hot day at the office.”

Mmmmmmm…. ambrosia of smells.  I like how they put that.

Also a reminder to follow my twitter account.  Followers will be rewarded with previews to some upcoming posts, events, and news.  And there are some fun things coming this way.

And by the way, do you remember this?

How was it?  Did you look good for Jesus?

First of all, can I say that I was one of the first people who broke this story back in April.  I should be a journalist myself.  😉  In any case, there was an article in the LA Times yesterday about the guy who made this prediction.  This is him:

Reports say he leads a pretty lonely life.  Is it any surprise that a person who predicts the end of the world is probably feeling their own mortality?  Coincidence?

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