This just keeps cumming!  And an unfaked scene from TV, as a bonus!  First four fantasy pics are courtesy of VampireLord.

Daniel Radcliffe, looking quite tasty

Daniel Radcliffe again, bound in rubber

Eric Szmanda.  He’s also shown his feet on TV, see below

The eternally hot Zac Efron tape tied and gagged, as he should be

Matt Lanter

No bondage, just David Henrie’s great bod

Well, okay, he needs to be tape gagged as well

 As promised, Eric Szmanda’s feet, an actor on CSI.

Lastly, a hot scene on a real TV show!  Saw this on Boundit, where there’s more to see if you like.  Apparently this your man gets kidnapped, and gagged with his own sock!  How many of us here haven’t had that happen to us?  Only one foot shot, but it’s a nice one.  (Note:  on the site, it says he’s almost 18, but I did a double check, and he’s in fact 20 as of right now.  I believe 18 may have been his character’s age for this scene.)

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