This is a surprise

I just discovered that my other blog, Captured Heroes, has broken the Top 12 blogs with 100+ votes at Best Male Blogs.  How cool is that!  Not sure if it’ll last, but I’m super excited to be there at all.  I mean, #1 is GayDemon, which is pretty big.

To be honest, I’m a bit surprised this blog didn’t get there first… it tends to get a lot more page views overall.  but what I’ve seemed to notice between the two blogs is that while this blog gets more hits, my other blog seems to get more responses.  But hey, let’s get this blog in the Top 12 as well!  As of this writing, I have 103 votes, so it would qualify.  Let’s see which of my readers is more dedicated!  😉

Either way, it’s a cool way to start my Memorial Day weekend!  Thanks to all who voted for me!

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