Bring on the flattery! And new emails!

So first off, I’m pleased to announce that I have a new email: Please use it for all future correspondence, and especially to send me pics! Accordingly, I’ve updated the Contact link at the top of the page. If you use my old email, it will be forwarded to the new one. And I also have a separate one for my other blog, How great is that?

Anyway, on to the flattery. First off, my Captured Heroes blog breaking the Top 12 as I posted yesterday was very cool! Although it was short lived… as of now it’s already gone. Not too surprising, like I said, it’s pretty competitive. At least I got to see it once! And with some luck, either it (or maybe even this blog!) will be there again one day. You don’t often see fetish blogs in the top 12, so it was cool to see it at all.

But I’ve also been getting “cruised” more than normal on Recon lately (which isn’t all that much compared to me, but a lot for me), and quite a few nice notes via email. I’ve actually gotten a number of offers from guys who wanted me to tie them up, and another from a guy who wants gunge play. Interestingly enough, many of these guys are straight. I think straight guys don’t feel threatened by my, as I am in a LTR, and am not looking for sex or nudity. Just bondage play (or feet or gunge, whatever applies). So I guess that makes it pretty safe for them. Not that I’m complaining. Sadly, due to my crazed schedule, I don’t actually get to meet up with many, but it’s still cool to have the offers.

Also enjoying the chat feature at Male Feet Lover. (And update: it now seems Footguys has it too!) Generally, I’m not too into chat, as I’m often doing my fly-by checks there, too. But I have had the chance to engage in a couple of fun, interesting chats, a few with people I don’t usually chat with. So go ahead and try to hit me up if you see me there! But also be understanding if I can’t talk long, or cut it short. I may have needed to work.

I do get various offers to do link exchanges with other blogs. I don’t mind doing so, but it’s got to be a blog that I find interesting and unique in some way. So I’m sure your blog of cute, naked guys doing each other is popular and well executed, but it’s not really unique to me. I really try to keep links limited to things that relate to what I do here. So keep that in mind if you request that from me.

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