have you seen marckosky90’s channel on youtube, i love his vids, im sure there right up ur street!! ;) what are some of your other fav’s youtube channels?

I do know of his channel. I like it, but there hasn’t been any updates in a while. 🙁 I like a lot of channels right now, but YouTube takes down vids quickly (especially bondage related ones), so things are always subject to change. I’m a bit fan of Restwalker, Quelch82, and kjmdawg for great feet and gunge vids. Kenfoot90 is a classic. I also like malefootsoles and desired420. But generally, I tend to like individual videos, rather than entire channels. Check out my Favorites list on my own YouTube channel at SoleBaring. (I used to use TiedFeetGuy, but they shut down that account, and I had to come up with another one.)

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