if you could tie up 5 celebs and play with there feet, what position would u tie them in and who would u choose?

This is a really good question. My top 5 celeb bondage wish list at the moment would be David Henrie, Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner, James Franco, and Ryan Reynolds. The latter two I think I’d do a confining hogtie so I could play with their feet and watch their every muscle squirm. Taylor I think I’d mummify barefoot, put some clothespins on his nips, and tape a shoe over his face. And David and Zac I’d mummify barefoot together face to face, sharing a double gag, and watch them roll around together helplessly.

Now please excuse me for a moment as I need to go and, uh, er, wash my hands in the bathroom for a few hours. 😉

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