Molbile Blog, Best Male Blogs, Send Me Your Feet, Twitter, & Links–Oh My!

Blogger is trying out a new, mobile version of the blog.  Next time you’re out with your cell phone, take a look and let me know what you think (or if it’s even working).  If you don’t like it, there is the option to visit the website version at the bottom.  But it could make loading faster.
Also, I had the thank reader Sean for his kind comment about my blog at Best Male Blogs.  Thanks so much!  Would love to get more like that, and high ratings… it’d be awesome to break into the Top 12 with this blog.  Aside from Delusions From a Padded Cell, there really aren’t any fetish/kink blogs represented there… wouldn’t be incredible if there were two fetish/kink blogs there?  It’d be one small step for us kink guys to take over the world.  😉

And don’t forget to send me pics of your feet.  I’ve got a few to share already, but I’d love to get more, and I’d like to spend an entire week dedicated to various reader contributions.

And hey, just a reminder to visit (or better yet, follow) my Twitter.  I’ve been taking a ton of pics lately, well over 100, and while I’m in the process of editing them, I’ll be posting previews there first.  As well as other random hot pics I come across that don’t really fit into any single category here at the blog.
Lastly, a quick update to the links page.  FootGuys, Wetsuitlads, and Gungelads.  Enjoy!

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