Ranting about social media

Social networks (GearFetish, FootGuys, MaleFeetLover, Grindr, etc.) are great, but they do seem to pose their own set of problems. Sorry, I just have to get this off my chest…

  • No location.  Why do so many people who say they want to meet up for play never state their location? If you want to meet, there’s a hell of  a difference if you’re in Los Angeles or London. How am I supposed to know? (Okay, Grindr is an exception to this one, but it’s a big problem on FootGuys especially–as well as the old feet.tv.)
  • Yes, you can have too many friends.  What’s the point in adding 200+ friends? You’re never going to chat will all of them.  You might think you’re being nice, but to me, it just looks needy and desperate.
  • Profiles with no pics whatsoever.  I understand privacy… even I don’t show my face.  Or maybe you just signed up and haven’t had a chance yet.  That’s fine.  But you need to post something at some point.  Feet are pretty anonymous, even more so to someone who isn’t into them.  By that, I mean if one of your vanilla co-workers runs across this site by accident, there’s very little chance they’ll run into a pic of your foot and say “Isn’t that Stephen from accounting?”  So at least show your feet.  And on the off chance a male co-worker does recognize your feet, that may in fact be a good thing…  😉
  • Profiles with no description, or say “If you want to know about me, ask”.  Like I have time to chase down someone who can’t put out just a bit of effort in the first place.  Are they kidding me?  If you want to know why I skipped your profile, ask.
  • You can call me “J”.  Why do so many people with profiles have just a single letter as their name? And when did that trend start? (Mostly Grindr, but it’s popping up in other areas too.)
  • Guys who want to play live far away, guys nearby seem to be shy.  (Gee, I’m poetic!)  I’ve chatted with guys across the country and around the globe that are dying to meet with me.  But somehow, I can rarely meet up with anyone in my own backyard.  Does the flake factor inversely proportion to proximity?

Anyone else agree, or have something to add?  Comment!

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