Houdini & Formspring

So here in SoCal, at the Skirball Center, there is an exhibit going on right now about Houdini.  A fascinating guy, with obvious ties to bondage.  It’s a good exhibit, if a bit small, but there’s also an additional exhibit about the history of magicians in general (well, primarily Jewish magicians, as the museum is Jewish focused) that was just as interesting.

It was also great to see… let’s see, how can I put this delicately… well, essentially bondage put out there so casually in the mainstream.   Some of the displays included the requisite handcuffs, and even a stockade that a magician would escape from!  And the gift shop was selling various forms of handcuffs, locks, and keys, in addition to books profusely illustrated with various escapology.  All for a family exhibit with kids running around.  Ain’t American great?  😉

Seeing all this made me recall the very humorous video that Mikey at GuysTiedUp posted.  I can relate to that quite a bit!  I never got caught, but this is probably how I would have reacted in the same situation.

The exhibit ends in September 4th at the Skirball.  Go visit if the get the chance!

A couple of other magician finds:

Also, if you didn’t see below, I answer a few Formspring questions.  Some were from a number of weeks ago… sorry I didn’t see them right away!

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