I may be rethinking tickling a bit

If you’ve been following my blog, site, and/or profile for a while, you’ll know that I’ve never been into tickling, and my feet are not ticklish.  My torso and pits can be, but it’s not a turn on for me.  I’ve been pretty steadfast about that almost since the beginning.

I know tickling is a big part of the foot fetish for a lot of guys, especially the bondage aspect (being tied down and tickled).  While I like the idea of seeing a guy squirm tied up, hearing him laugh kinda took me out of the moment.  But things changed for me a bit when my own BF asked if I could tickle him.  Now, as it turns out, he’s not ticklish on his feet either, but he can be a bit on the sides of his torso.  After some experimenting, it turns out the sensations are very fleeting on him, and that he’s not easily tickled.  But I realized it was fun to explore and see him wriggle when I did trigger his ticklish side, and I didn’t really understand the physical intimacy you get from exploring his body like that.

I have been occasionally get asked by guys to tie them up and tickle them.  I usually turned them down, but after when I experienced with the BF, I started thinking.  And on a trip to the 99 Cent Store, I was browsing through and found a lot of items that would be good for tickling.  I used them on my own BF (with mixed results), and saved them aside… because this may be something I may be interested in after all.  Being the top, in any case.

Anyone want to help a beginning tickler…?  Willing victims apply now!  😉

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