Day: August 4, 2011


Yup, I’ve added some affiliate links.  Now, don’t panic, I don’t intend for this blog to be covered in ads.  But I don’t feel it’s “selling out” if they’re products you believe in.  These are all sites that I’ve personally patronized quite a bit over the years, and, well, if you click the links, it does help support me at no cost to you.  C’me on, you were going to buy this stuff anyway, right?  Might as well from here.

You can find these links on the far right, underneath “Other Links Worth Visiting”, or go to the Shopping page listed above.

And in the interest of fairness, I’ll tell you about some of my personal experiences and what I like to get (and have gotten!) from each of these sites:

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Mr. S-Leather
The classic.  Great selection, great quality, and great customer service.  I visited the store in LA a lot while it was still here.  I don’t get up to the mother store in SF often, but it’s a treat when I do.  (It’s more than a store, it’s a community.)  The only downside to them:  expense.  But you do have to pay for quality, I say, and it’s never disappointed.  The one time I did have a problem with something breaking, I sent it back and they fixed it with no charge to me… even though almost a year had gone by from the original purchase date!  Items I’ve bought from them… almost too numerous to list, but a few:  Neoprene Sleepsack (love it),  Bishop Head Harness (love that, too), Leather Plug Gag, Bondage Sleeves,Tit Clamps, Rubber coated clothes pins… heck, we even bought our Dungeon Bed from there, a nearly $2000 investment.  We wouldn’t spend it if we didn’t believe in them.

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Fort Troff
Amazing selection of jack off toys and lube.  I can’t enough of those Tenga masturbators.  Way better than that Fleshjack, IMO.  I also love J-lube, and you may have seen my recent post about Str8 Cam Cum Lube, which looks like *ahem* cum.  And is very affordable to boot.  I got my gasmask from there, as well as various Tengas and lubes.  You can also find some unique items, and occasionally better prices.  More for toys than bondage (although they have that too).  Also increasing their gear lines, which looks very promising so far, especially the Neoprene.

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eXtreme Restraints
This is a fairly standard bondage store, and they do have their fair share of women on the site, but don’t let that bother you.  A bit more economical than Mr. S., but the quality is still very good.  Not as good as Mr. S., but based on the items I’ve purchased from them so far, pretty close.  I actually got my basic wrist and ankle restraints from there, and they’ve been great, especially for the price, and held up through many years of use.  Also some good gags and other toys.  It’s really rather standard stuff for the most part (although there are a few intriguing items that may surprise you here and there), but I like the quality, and it’s way better for my budget.  I think it’d be a great place for someone new to start shopping, or a more equipped person to get alternate gear at better prices.

SuperHero Lycra
A lot of people ask where I get my lycra Superhero costumes.  I’m not going to lie, I typically order them on eBay or Milanoo from Chinese vendors.  The prices are good, as is the quality, and they are very good about customizing outfits.  Just visit eBay and enter “lycra”, “zentai”, or “spandex” into their search engine, and the hero you’re looking for.  You’ll find a host of options.  While the prices are generally good, do be aware that the international shipping could be quite a bit extra… so don’t forgot to account for that when budgeting.

But if you want to buy American, try Spandexman.  Good selection, and while the prices look higher, shipping isn’t as bad either.