Day: August 6, 2011

TFG Exclusive: Zac Bound in Socks & Underwear, Part 1

We always love our Zac.  You may know him as a model from Bound Guys and TieGuyUK.  I’ve been chatting with him off and on for a while, and everyone once in a while he sends me pics just for me and the blog.  How cool is that?  My BF jokes that I should start charging for content.  Don’t worry, I don’t see that in the near future.  But you all should appreciate how much great, hot stuff you are getting for free.  😉

In any case, thanks to Zac for sending these my way!  I think I have to get my hands on him myself someday soon.  By the way, this is all self-bondage.  He’s very good at it, isn’t he?

There will be more to cum… in fact, quite a bit more… but you’ll have to wait…