Airport hotness,TFG Text Me?

If you haven’t noticed from my Twitter, I’ve been totally into taking candid pics of hot feet I see out and about. And traveling offers some of the best viewing opportunities. As it turns out, I got to sit next to a flip flopped guy on the plane, and it was the same guy I was taking pics of in the airport beforehand! So that was pretty sexy. Pics below, more on my twitter.

Also, I just got a new text number that I may use only for TFG contact. Would you be interested in using it to chat me? It’s still new, and services may be limited. To be honest (and I’m not trying to sound like a commercial, but you may want to know), it’s a free texting app called TextFree, so it wouldn’t cost me anything to text you (although you would be charged–unless you had the same app–thus why I mention it), but it does have limitations. For instance, pics and video would need to be sent to a separate TextFree related email address, and there’s a chance I may be limited to a certain number of texts a day–so if I abruptly leave in the middle of a conversation, that could be why. But it still could be interesting and fun, don’t you think? Let me know, and I can give out the number if you’d be interested.

The funny thing about this is that someone contacted me before I’ve even told anyone the number. I’m sure it must have been a wrong number, because they kept asking for a girl. But the strange part is they kept signing off with “I <3 Batman". How weird is that?

This last pic is a different guy in a restaurant. But hot too!

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