Restwalker & Gunge

As mentioned before, you can now find and follow Restwalker on his new blog,  Who’s Restwalker?  Well, if you’re not that into gunge, you may be forgiven for not knowing.  But you should know, because this cutie from England is also very into feet and bondage, and he’ll take requests, doing nearly any humiliating task you can think of that one guy can do to himself on YouTube (so that does mean no nudity).  He’s even smashed an egg in his mouth.  He really goes the extra mile!  Not only that, but he’s very prolific, creating videos almost faster than you can even keep up with, and really takes time to engage with fans.  I’ve been having some wonderful email chats with him.

If you have been a fan of his like I have, you’ll know that one of his videos got taken down.  As a result, he has decided to make all of his videos unlisted, as to better avoid people who would flag them.  Believe me, they are worth the search!  And hopefully one day, he’ll even be able to perform one of my humiliating tasks I’ve set for him.  I just wish I could be in England to work on him personally.

In any case, as a tribute to him, I’m starting off today’s post with a few of his pics, and a couple of vids that he’s recently re-uploaded.  Stop by, and tell him I sent you!  I’m quite certain we’ll be hearing more from this deserving young man.

Nice feet, right?  You’ll love what he does to them.

I like where he’s holding that…


This is one of his newest videos!

On a separate note, there has been so much hotness going on around here with stories, events, reader contributions, and original content, it’ll make your head spin.  So expect more multiple posts in the next few days.  This is a great time to be a follower of this blog, I’ll tell you!  Zac’s post on Sunday is only the beginning.

And now, to continue the tribute, some random gunge pics for you to enjoy, while restwalker builds his work back up.

The video below is not Restwalker, but jbrau28, who was kind enough to send me this breakfast special.  Seem to fit right in with today’s post.

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