Another Satisfied Customer: TicklishGuys

It can always be exciting to visit with like minded guys, especially if they’re twinks eager for bondage and foot play!  TicklishGuys definitely fit the bill, and fortunately, I was able to squeeze him into my agenda.  I caught up with him at his hotel room, and made some small talk and establishing rules/expectations.  Once we were comfortable which each other, it was time to begin.  I put a collar and leash on him, and had him get down on his hands and knees to kiss the black Vans skater shoes I was wearing.  He untied the laces with his teeth, but I didn’t have him take off my shoes yet, even though he tried to.  Instead I pulled him up, led him to the bed, and tied him spread eagled.  Once helpless, I removed his shoes, and, after taking a couple of whiffs myself,  pressed them over his face, ordering him to clean the bottoms with his tongue.  A few obedient moments, I started to tickle his body all over.  His socked feet, his bare feet, his ribs, his stomach, and his pits.  As this was basically my first time being a tickler, I was pleased to see he really squirmed like crazy.  He called me mean, which delighted me to no end.

After torturing him like this for a bit, I then hogtied him, gagged him with a plug gag, and placed a blindfold on him.  Because of that, he didn’t see me put my week old, unwashed socks (still on my feet) on top of his nose.  I have to say, they were pretty rank, maybe even more than he would have liked, but he took it like a man.  Eventually I let him up for air, but I didn’t give him a break before tickling him even more.  He really bucked and moved side to side, and even virtually sitting on him didn’t slow him down.  I used some various implements on him (hairbrush, electric toothbrush, paint brushes, feather duster, etc.), and forced him to guess what each item was as I tickled him with it.  He guess right within seconds, impressive!  His reward?  More tickling.  🙂

I eventually decided he’d had enough.  I was intrigued by something he had mentioned when meeting up:  he was interested in trying my Robin lycra.  This was a great surprise, especially since we’d met on a foot site.  So I couldn’t pass this up!  He looked great in it (even though I forgot the mask).  I led him to a chair that I had rolled to face a bed about 2 or 3 feet away.  Then I tied him down to the chair, arms lashed to the armrests and chest pulled against the back of the chair.  And before I could even get to his legs and feet, he was a good slave, and knew exactly what I wanted:  he extended his legs straight out in front of him and rested his feet on the bed, for maximum exposure.  I wrapped his legs, feet, and big toes together with rope, sealed his lips with duct tape, and tickled him more.  (Well, he’s got that screen name for a reason).  He had very strong legs, they were hard to keep down!

During all this, I was noticing that his toes were very strong and articulate.  I wanted to have them a bit more up close and relaxed.  So I released him from from the chair, we both lay on the bed head to toe and foot 69ed (although he liked to massage more than lick & suck, but that was okay with me).  It was a nice, relaxing moment, and I was kinder to his feet rather than mercilessness.

But I wanted to finish on a big note… especially for someone that had never been tied up before (I did mention that, right?  This was his first time in bondage.  Hot damn, I scored, right?).  I had him strip to his underwear, ball gagged him, and I mummified him in saran wrap.  I left his feet exposed of course, and did my first feet writing… I took out a marker and wrote “Tickle” on the sole of one foot and “Me Please” on the other foot.  Which I then proceeded to do.  🙂  As the night had progressed, I noticed the hairbrush and electric toothbrush got to him the most, so I spent the most time with those, he was bucking and squirming like wild!  I also had a large vibrator (not the sexy kind, a back massage kind), and rubbed that over his body, especially pausing at the crotch.

I could have gone more, but left it at that… remember, I’m not in this for the sex, just the play.  When I felt we had both had enough, I watched as he struggled and broke through the wrap.  We both agreed we had a fantastic time, and we hope to meet again in the future.  And for the record (and my own ego boost), he liked my feet, called them “perfect”, and said I didn’t look 40.  By the way, he had mentioned he had just turned 19.  Smart young man!  😉

By they way, I have a few more pics from this adventure… does anyone want me to post them?

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