Reader Contribution: Dom

So I’m going to have another week of all reader contributions!  Ever since my little “rant“, I’ve been hearing from people all over the place, all the time!  I know, it’s a “be careful what you wish for” sort of problem.  but don’t worry, I like this sort of problem.  Rest assured I do see all emails, and I try to write back to all sooner rather than later, although sometime it’s later.

And if you didn’t see, I had one of my most popular posts in recent memory just yesterday, where I wrote about a twink I got to tie up and tickle… so scroll down if you missed it!

In any case, on with the posts!  First up is Dom, who tied his feet just for me. *blush*

And I hope you didn’t miss yesterdays post, where I tied up a twink for his first time!  Go back and check it out!

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