New Slave: adamb

They just keep groveling towards me.  And I’m not complaining!  Meet adamb, who recently submitted to a few of my photo requests.  Although he was not as timely as I would have liked, so I think I’ll have to punish him for his tardiness.  Any suggestions?

These last two pics were taken from a brief online chat.  Within minutes, I was able to get him to sniff his own shoes.

I also had him spit repeatedly on his own feet, until they were glistening.  He did a good job, didn’t he?  After his foot was dripping, I had him wipe off his foot against his face and leave it there to dry and become crusty, as a reminder that his feet belong to me.

Hopefully, I’ll get to boss adamb around a bit more… wouldn’t you enjoy that?  I know I would.
And if you liked that, wait until I tell you about the other online slave I’m been owning…
(Just for the record, I did get his permission to post these pics.  I don’t post pics of slaves without their consent.)

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