Online Slave Trade, Introducing SBS_justin

Thoughts of an Online Master

So far, I’m still sort of living out the “be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” moral from my last rant.  Although believe me, it’s a nice problem to have, so no complaints.  🙂  I’ve been in contact with some many great people, it’s been fantastic.  I try to answer every email I can, but with my vacation coming to a close and work returning, it may not be as timely as I’d like it to be, so please be patient.

Believe it or not, but lately, I’ve actually had quite a few new online slaves ask to do my bidding (adamb from a few days ago is one.)  I didn’t know I was becoming so renown as a Master, but it seems I’m quite good at it… many people still ask about Brett to this day, which was my first time being an online Master.  I find it interesting that if you google “tiedfeetguy” for images (and turn off safe search), a lot of the images that show up are him from our sessions.

I didn’t start off trying to be an online Master.  I was just initially chatting with Brett about very innocuous stuff, just getting to know him.  But after about 45 minutes or so of this, I got a sense he was looking for more.  So I decided to get more bold, and gradually began ordering him around.  He almost immediately deferred to what is now one of the hottest things for me to see on an online chat:  “Yes Sir”.  And then he sent me pictures and video to prove he was going what I asked.  Thus began what has become one of my most popular postings.

After that, I hadn’t really explored it much more.  Part of me didn’t have the time, and part of me doubted that I’d be able to find anyone online with a similar mindset.  But now we’re coming back to how I began this post… after I ranted on the blog, I got an email from a 22 year old fan who said that while he appreciated my work, he went on to say that being an online slave would help him fulfill one of his ultimate fantasies.  After some further general discussion, I started some online slave play with him, and I have to say, I was completely enchanted by this young slut.  Not only is he super hot, lean, and got incredible feet, but he does anything I ask.  Anything.  He is a total and complete whore.  (Although we have set limits/safety words… more about this on a future post.)  Better still… he sometimes offers his own suggestions on how he can degrade himself, and I have to say, he will do things to himself that even I haven’t thought of.

With no further ado, welcome SBS_justin.  The SBS stands for “Slave Bitch Slut”, which is a name I bestowed upon him because he totally is all that and more.  After a particularly hot chat, you can see his devotion.  You can see his servitude to me below.  This could very well be the next Brett…

This slave is very eager to be degraded, and this is his first public humiliation.  I hope you appreciate it as much as I do.  We’ve actually had a number of very hot sessions already, and there is so much material, I have to go through it all and organize it to post.  It’ll be a bit.  But this will be something to look forward to, don’t you agree?

And believe it or not, but there may be even a few more slaves showing up here… including a possible special guest one.  I bet you can hardly wait!

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