Slave Restwalker’s Week Long Clothespins Torture

A unique simultaneous post today, from both myself and Restwalker.  While more known for his first passion, gunge and WAM (Wet & Messy) play, the gunge community sometimes doesn’t know what to do with him when he does feet and bondage play.  And feet and bondage guys sometimes don’t know what to do with his gunge.  Fortunately, he has a home with me on all three fronts.

Although he usually works with Master Mark, I will get to occasionally have my way with him, too.  But as he had already been doing a lot of gunge related tasks, I thought something a little different for him was in order.  I noticed most his tasks were more humiliating rather than painful.  And I felt it was his time to suffer.  My first task for him actually took an entire week to complete.  When I asked him beforehand about what supplies he said he had onhand, he said he had a total of 21 clothespins to work with.  I immediately set to calculating, and assigned him a task as follows:

“On the first day, you will use 2 clothespins, and leave them on your body for 2 minutes.
On the second day, you will use 4 for 4 minutes.  Third day:  8 for 8.  Fourth:  10 for 10.  Fifth:  14 for 14.  Sixth:  18 for 18.  Last day:  21 for 21.

I require as many different and unique body parts as possible.  Clip your nipples, chest, ears, your face, lips, tongue, your inner thighs, the back of your knees, your ass, the back of your hand, fingers, armpit, sides, feet, toes, soles, arms, etc.  But they are for you to decide.
During these clip times, you are not allowed to do anything else.  No watching videos, no computer, no messenger, no listening to music, no distractions (aside from taking pics and setting up videos).  Just you coming to terms with your own agony and servitude.  You are also to be stripped to your underwear, to reiterate you vulnerability.  For videoing the longer times, you may record putting the clips on, and then the last half of the task.  You are allowed to moan if the pain is great, and thank your Master as you see fit.  In fact, you’ll need to thank your Master every minute you endure the clips.  Use a timer as necessary, I don’t want a minute to go by without being thanked.  Also record take all the clips off… sometimes, that’s the best part.  Be sure to massage the spots where the clips were once removed.”

He also wrote my name on his body to prove his servitude.  As you can see, the week is now up.  While he is still editing the videos (all 14 of them, 7 putting on, and 7 taking off), you can see the preview pics now, on both his blog and mine.

2 x 2.  I felt the writing here was a bit sloppy, and punished him separately for that.  If you search his blog, you may have already discovered what I made him do as a punishment…

4 x 4
8 x 8
10 x 10

14 x 14

18 x 18

21 x 21.  After a week of experiencing clothespins, he realized the most painful locations for him were his nips and pits… so he made a line connecting them. What a suitable way to finish.

Once he has the completed video ready, it will be posted with both of our blogs.  And while he does continue some tasks from his main Master, Mark (which are pretty hot too), you can also look forward to a few more tasks from me as well before he heads off to University.

On a related note, I’m also hoping to put together a post of my other, more full time slave, SBS_justin.  We’ve been having some incredibly hot times for a while now, but haven’t had a chance to post because there is so much to put together (and also, many pics and vids show his face, which he doesn’t want posted, so we have to find a way to work around that).  But you won’t be disappointed… I’ve been quite cruel to him, too.

Want even more original content?  Check out my posting of Spathic and I playing in lycra at Captured Heroes.  I’ve been a busy guy!

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