Thoughts of an Online Master: Tasks & Safety Words

An Online Master’s Diary

While I’m eagerly awaiting to post more from both Restwalker and SBS_justin, realize it may be a bit… not only are they both preparing to start college soon, one is also in the pathway of the current hurricane Irene.  (Let’s hope for his, and everyone’s, safety.)  So there may be a bit of a pause as we continue to gather material during challenging times.

But in the meanwhile, I thought it would be interesting to post some thoughts about being an online Master.  Like I’ve said before, it wasn’t something I was originally trying to strive for, it sort of happened by accident during a more congenial chat with Brett.  But I’ve since discovered I’ve sort of enjoyed it.

How do I do it?  Well, it mainly has to do with finding willing slaves to do your bidding that you can connect with.  I assign various tasks for them to do.  The first tasks I give are generally fairly easy:  smell their shoe, gag themselves with their sock, tie up their feet, spank themselves, etc.  Depending on how they (and I) respond, I gradually up the ante with more difficult and complicated tasks.  Such as what I gave Restwalker with adding daily clothespins to his body for longer and longer periods of time.  I generally do require some sort of proof in the form of a video or picture to prove they have accomplished their task.

How do I think of tasks?  Well, the slaves I have are pretty much into the same sort of stuff I am, so I basically think:  what would turn me on?  After having this blog for so long, and seeing so many hot pics and videos, it’s given me a few ideas.  Not to mention the fact I like to get creative.  I also occasionally let the slave expand or make some creative choices on their own tasks or punishments.  For instance, again with Restwalker as an example, I told him to put on the clothespins on his body… but I did not specify where, that was left for his own choosing.  And I have usually been pleasantly surprised that slaves often pick the most horrible, demeaning, and painful choices to themselves, because they want to prove their loyalty and be a good slave (at least the slaves I have do).  For another example, early on with SBS_justin, when I had him putting clips on various parts of his body, I told him he should be thankful I did not ask them to put them on his lips and tongue, but that I would be a kind Master.  I really had meant it more as a threat than an actual task.  But he quickly responded that he would do it anyway, and a few minutes later, I received a video of him drooling and begging with a clip covered mouth.  I was totally surprised!  And more than a bit turned on.

To complete their humiliation, I even dictate how they write me in chat or email.  Any reference to me is capitalized (Master, Sir, You), and any reference to themselves is lower case (i, me, slave) to further emphasize who’s in charge.  If not, and I catch it, they are punished with further unpleasant tasks.  And once I have a slave I feel I will work with long term, I require them to buy a collar for themselves, which must be worn when they do their tasks.  And you will find out later what happened the one time SBS_justin neglected to wear his collar during a task of mine…

One big point I’d like to make is safety words.  We all should know about them in real life sessions.  Now, the practical side of me says that there should be some form of them with an online slave, but how to do it?  In person, you can get a sense and feel of how the other person is reacting to things.  Not necessarily so online.  I believe I came up with the best possible solution that I’m actually fairly proud of.  While I did mention to my slaves to write “Yellow” for a task they were unsure or had personal reservations for, and “Red” for a task they simply cannot do for safety or personal reasons, what’s really come in the most handy is using the word “Equal” when they needed to speak to me on an equal level to discuss details of any tasks they may have, but cannot ask in a slave capacity.  And writing “slave” puts them back into the slave role.  It’s been an excellent tool to still be able to order them around, but allows the slave to express their thoughts on the matter without appearing to overstep their bounds.

An excellent example of this would again be with Restwalker.  His first painting of my initials on his body displeased me.  As a punishment, I told him I wanted him to paint the inside of his mouth.  But then, just a few sentences later, as Equals, I stated to only do so if the paint were non-toxic and safe… and if it wasn’t, to let me know so that I could come up with an alternate punishment.  That’s not something that could easily have been said in a Master/Slave conversation without losing the feel of being dominant, but was easy as equals.  (BTW… after triple-checking with him, the paint was indeed non-toxic, and he one-upped me again… he swilled the paint around in his mouth for one minute.  You can see it on his blog here.)

Being an online Master is a new experience for me, but a very fulfilling one so far.  I’ll be sharing some various thoughts on it as time goes on.  If anyone else has other experiences to share, or something you’d like to ask me, please comment!

Oh… and in case anyone is thinking about asking, I’d probably have to say that I’m too busy to pick up any more full time online slaves.  I think I’ll make a post in the future if you are interested in slaving for me one day, and what my requirements would be.

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