Day: August 31, 2011

do you also have a sneaker fetish? what are some of your favorite types of footwear?

I like sneakers too, especially if they’re smelly. I’m not particular to any brand, though, as long as they’re worn and smelly. Actually, I take that back a bit… while I think Pumas are nice, I don’t find them sexy in a fetish sort of way. And I’m not big on Tevas. Flip Flops are hot, though, as well. And skater shoes are always welcome, especially if nice and worn.

Ask me anything

which celebrity would you kidnap right and make them do whatever you tell them, also which celebrity would you want to kidnap YOU right now and you have to do whatever they tell you too?

There’s a lot of celebs I like. I hate to be stereotypical, but having Zac Efron at my beck and call as a slave would be pretty hot. David Henrie is pretty tempting, too. And because I can’t stop, three more I’d like to work over would be David Gallagher, Drake Bell, and Nick Jonas.

Oddly enough, any of those same guys could kidnap me and I’d be fine with it, but I’d probably prefer it to be Zac or David Henrie. Other celebs I’d drop to my knees for (that I haven’t already mentioned) would be Taylor Lautner, Ryan Reynolds, Paul Walker, Liam Hemsworth, Jake Gyllenhaal, Brian Austin Green, and Dave or James Franco.

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do you have any footcare tips? i have quite rough feet occasionally and wanted some tips on how to make them smooth and sexy, like the ones i see on youtube and your blog!

Not really, aside from the semi-obvious lotioning daily, and perhaps a pumice stone. I haven’t tried a ped egg, although I’ve been tempted sometimes. My feet are generally smooth, but they can hit their rough patches at times. Right now, in fact… so if anyone else has other advice, I wouldn’t mind it right now either.

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Looks like Dave Franco isn’t the only one…

…who’s going to f*ck himself, that is.  Thanks much to this pic submitted by one of my favorite lycra guys, Spandexlad83.  It’s a pic of himself dominating… himself.  Very hot.

And in case you have no idea what I’m referring to, here’s the joke video. Dave Franco (younger brother of James) is not only hot, but you get shots of his feet, too!


No real theme today… just hot pics I like.

Are you really going to shove that in me? 

Damn, this is a workout

Love the surprised look on his face… I bet he didn’t think I’d really shove his smelly sock into his mouth like that

Forced human centipede

Cream all over that UA

This pic’s got a little bit of everything… twink, bare feet, wanking off with a used sock, and shoe smelling.  Off to a good start

Sk8tr cock