1-how would you gag zack efron, of a disgusting way? (more than simply: a sock) 2-are you a fan of humiliation? what’s your thing? 3-would you like to go in a clothing shop, pick up stuff you like (bdsm/fetish related) and try them? what would you do with

1. I’m mostly a simple guy, and I think he’d look pretty good in a classic duct tape gag. Although I may stuff a small rubber ball in there first for him to chew on. And any sort of harness gag would be good on him, too.
2. I do seem to be enjoying humiliating young slaves, that’s for sure. I do think it’s a hot idea, I like the idea of controlling them to serve me, and knowing they enjoy that fact. Not sure if I’m up for being humiliated myself, it would depend on the guy and what their methods to do so would be.
3. I’m actually posting about that this weekend on my Captured Heroes blog, so look for that…

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