Interview with Dylann Restwalker

So many of you may know that I am a big fan of Restwalker.  I’ve been fortunate enough to be chatting with him nearly daily for quite some time now, and not only is his work fantastic, but he is a genuine nice guy and smart fellow.  But, in only my second interview ever (and first was Zac from Bound Guys and TieGuyUSA), I felt it was time to for all of my readers to really get to know this rising fetish star.  He was also kind enough to provide some exclusive pics to me just for this interview.  Enjoy!

First of all, for those who may not be familiar with you, give us a general introduction and some stats: age, height, weight, shoe size, favorite fetishes, and anything else essential you’d like to include.
My name is Dylann. Most people know me as “restwalker”. I’m 18. I weigh about 50kg (110lbs) and I’m about 165cm tall (5 ft 5 in). My feet are a size 8 UK (size 9 US). I’m into gunge, bondage and feet. I was in born in England but I’m part Chinese and part Jamaican. I’m an atheist and I’m 90% sure I’m gay.  

When did you first realize your fetish interests? What were your first experiences with 1) gunge, 2) bondage, 3) feet?
I’ve been into gunge since I was a kid; British children’s TV of the 90s had an awful lot of wet and messy gameshows. When I watched shows like “Get Your Own Back“, I really wished that I could get that messy and one day when I was about… 14, I realised that I could! From memory, I think I first got messy by dunking my face into a bowl of rice pudding. I got into bondage at about the same time because I was a real magic geek and on my 14th birthday, I got an escapology set consisting of a chain and handcuffs. I liked escaping from them but I liked being unable to escape more. I really haven’t been into feet for long, I think that I’ve been into feet for just over a year after I realised I was gay and discovered the work of Kyros Christian. His Xtube videos really made me realise that I was into feet, especially the video with him and Ryan Conners. I think the reason I’m into all of these is because I love being submissive / humiliated so the idea of being tied up, gunged and forced to worship somebody’s feet is very hot for me.  

What made you start filming? What was your first video?
I think I started filming my sessions because I was mad at how little male WAM (Wet and Messy) videos there were on the internet. After watching most of what there already was out there, I decided that I wanted to bring something back to the community. After checking my own video archive, I remember that my first video was “Barefoot Orange Crushing”

I remember making it because I’d seen a few videos of food crushing on YouTube already which still arouse me. I wanted to make something that would also arouse people whilst I was able to remain completely anonymous. Since then, I’ve learnt that I can still show my face and remain completely anonymous.  

What’s been your favorite video so far, both in terms of the actual task, as well as how the video turned out? Least favorite?
Tough question, I’m proud of a lot of my videos! I think my favourite video is “Body Painting” for a number of reasons:

  • The video turned out really well in terms of quality.
  • I had a lot of fun making it.
  • Cleaning up was surprisingly easy. (Well, there were a few problems…)
  • I got a pretty cool t-shirt out of it.

My least favourite video in terms of video quality and filming has got to be “Extremely Rotten Milk And Egg” in which I put my bare feet into just that. I’m just going to say: Never again!

Your work is so prolific; how do you find the time to do all your filming?
Heh, I guess I am pretty prolific. I’m only filming so much now because I’m not going to school right now and I’ve got the house to myself on weekdays.  

What would you like to try that you haven’t done yet?
A lot of things. Generally though, I want to do things with other people. Tying myself up is hardly ideal if you know you can escape at any time so I’d love to practice bondage with somebody else. I’d also love to get messy with someone else. One day, I’d like to work with the Gungelads or Stingray Spike or Cutie-Pied; that would be awesome!  

How did you find your Master? How do you enjoy being a slave?
Me and Master Mark started speaking on YouTube, we’re both guys into feet and a fondness for each other’s style. He wanted to try being submissive and I wanted to try being dominant so we added each other on MSN and tried it. Shortly afterwards, he wanted his turn and he definitely got it… Being his slave is great, he assigns me messy tasks and effective punishments. Mostly though, I love being in chastity for him; being abstinent can be very rewarding although not being allowed to cum does make me very submissive. I also love the fact that he allows me to do tasks, punishments, requests, suggestions, videos, etc. for other people. [Such as me.  -TFG]

You were a dom briefly, and some of your videos had a dom streak to them. How interested are you in being a Master yourself?
I don’t really like being dominant. I just act dominant from time to time because I want to make videos that people will like. I suppose that if somebody is nice enough to dominate me, I’ll be happy to return the favour.

My Vans don’t smell or taste particularly nice.

Do you have a celebrity crush?
Hm… I try to avoid crushes but as a I said, I do have a fondness for emo / skater guys. I guess Gerard Way and Brendan Killen are cute. I hope to one day find a guy like them in the future.  

Do you have any online crushes or fantasies, or people/work you admire?
Plenty! I admire the work of pretty much everyone I’ve added as a friend on YouTube. There are so many awesome people into gunge and bondage and feet that I’d love to work with in the future but I’m not going to single out any individuals… that would just be unfair.  

You are one of the friendliest fetish guys out there. About how many people do you correspond with, and how do you manage to keep up with all of them?
Hard to say… it’s definitely over 100 though. I’m willing to chat with anybody that wants to (unless they do something very wrong). Obviously, there are people that I talk with more than others but if somebody adds me on Skype, messages me on YouTube or e-mails my MSN address, I don’t mind.  

Congrats to being accepted to University! How do you think things will change for you once you start school?
Why thank you! I personally think that I’ll be more busy and consequently I’ll be making less content, posting to my blog and so on. On the other hand, I won’t have to worry about being disturbed and I’ll be able to make content with other people which will mean that the things I do post will be a lot better… Basically, I’m going to be making a switch from quantity to quality so look out!

Any final words or thoughts?
To everyone reading this, whatever “weird” or “alternative” fetishes you have, you are definitely not alone; there are people just as fucked up as you out there.

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