Thoughts of an Online Master: Slave Applications

An Online Master’s Diary

I kinda thought this would happen.  Once I started posting about my adventures with Restwalker, SBS_justin, and back in the day, Brett, I started getting many requests to enslave more willing bois–and a few older folk, as well.  Unfortunately, there are so many hours in the day, and I do have to save some time for actually doing work (as in a job, and earning a living), my BF, and my main slaves first.  Oh, and I guess the blogs, too.  But I suppose if I still have some time left over, I’m open to it.

So perhaps you’re interested in being an online slave to me.  First off, as I mention above, I cannot guarantee full-time enslavement.  I also do not do any C2C (in fact, I don’t even have a webcam).

Still interested?  Then here’s a few additional qualities I look for.

  • For one thing, I like the slave to be younger than me (but obviously over 18).
  • Since I already have main slaves, don’t expect constant attention.  You’ll be doing my bidding infrequently, and at my whim.  You’d just be a disposable toy to me.
  • You should be willing to show your face and body to me, at least over time.
  • The ability to send pics and video of yourself.  Although I might not show mine.  I’m not here to please you.
    • Extra note: if you do send me pics, rest assured they will not be published or posted anywhere, including my blog, unless you give me permission to do so.  Case and point, SBS_justin and I have had well over 5 hot sessions with tons of pics and video… but many show his face, so I’m keeping them to myself  (sorry, guys).
  • You should also have similar interests as me:  feet, bondage, humiliation, abuse, and possibly gunge.
  • I like humiliating guys and forcing them to do demeaning things.
  • You would need to purchase a dog collar and bowl, and other various supplies as I see fit to abuse yourself with.
  • Also, if you really want to be a slave, then beg for it. Send me a short email pleading and begging to me why you should be my slave, and what you are willing to do for me. When you do, all references to yourself should be lower case (“i”, “me”, “slave”), and references to me are capitalized (“You”, “Sir”, “Master”).  A good slave has to follow my directions.  The more you plead and whimper, the more of my attention you’ll have. 

    If people are interested in infrequent or one time sessions, contact me, and we’ll see what I can arrange.  But I make no promises, and please don’t take it personally if it doesn’t work out, or I ignore you for long stretches.  Sometimes, it’s more my schedule and availability than my actual interest.

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