New Toys

So both the BF and I each got one new toy each.  No special reason, we just did!  I got a new leather sleepsack.  It was from eBay, and was fairly cheap, about $300.  My BF found a Folding Weight Bench from Best Fitness.

I’ll give a brief review of both.

I was impressed by the versatility of the sleepsack.  I did ask, and yes, the belts came with it.  Now, there’s a similar one on Mr. S that I’ve been eyeing for a long time (well, actually, two–this one and this one), but it is pricey, so I wanted to see if it was worth the investment.  I suspected this one would be a pretty cheap imitation, but I really wanted to try it anyway.

The first semi-problem I noticed that I didn’t really think of was it’s not really lined in any way.  The leather is a cheap leather, a bit heavy and stiff.  Although I was prepared for that.  I was disappointed that the belts seem to be the cheapest part… they are quite thin and flimsy.  They’d do to tie up the sack, but used on their own, they probably wouldn’t hold up (which was something I was thinking of).  The worst flaw:  the zippers are very rough, and don’t easily slide up and down, getting stuck all the time.

On the plus side, it did do it’s job.  And the large lace up tie in the middle is practically unnecessary with the belts.  There are a lot of fun possibilities.  I was in it for about an hour, and when my BF finally released me, I was drenched in sweat.  Like, there were small puddles at the bottom of the bag.  That said, while I enjoyed it, and probably use it again, I’m mostly going to hold out for the Mr. S one.  However, if that is simply way out of your budget, this will do the job.  Just be prepared to have some patience with it.

In the meantime, some pics of me wearing it.  For the record, the hood and the gag are completely separate items.  The gag is re-purposed from the Bishop Head Harness, and the hood is a neoprene hood with the mouth cut out.

As for the weight bench, I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet, but I did tie my BF in it.  (And sorry, but since it’s my BF, who likes to be private, that means no pics.)  The seat back can adjust from flat to upright, and if you look carefully at the pics, there are four hooks on the legs, allowing for fun tie downs.  For our initial work, we angled it the same angle as the pic you see at the top of the post.  I attached his feet to the front legs, and at his request, tied his hands together over his head and pulled the rope to the back of the bench.  My BF did enjoy it, but he did say the lack of a head support got to him after a while, and he did eventually have to retie the arms to behind his back (and the bench).

We haven’t had a chance to play with it any further yet, so I don’t have a whole lot else to say about it, except that while it does fold flat for storage, it’s not that flat… it’s still probably at least 8 inches thick, so we’re unable to store it under the bed like we thought we could.

I don’t have any further details about this particular model, but if anyone’s interested, I can ask my BF for more details.

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