Post #1000!

Wow, my one thousandth post!  I had no idea I’d get so wrapped up in this blog, let alone having so many great readers.  The blog has gotten nearly 2.5 million page views, and my other blog, which hasn’t been around nearly as long, is approaching it’s first million page views.

So I guess I wanted to take this opportunity to have a post that summarized all my current interests:  lycra, bondage, feet, and gunge.

A lot of these pics have already been posted on Captured Heroes.  A few haven’t, and they are sneak previews of posts to cum there.

And in honor of the occasion, I present a two new gunge videos I made.  The first is in fact the very first time I pied and gunged myself.  It was pretty hot!  The second has me filling up my shoes with oatmeal, and sticking my bare feet into them.

Hope you enjoy it all, and thanks for following me, readers!  Here’s hoping for another 1000 posts!

This is the rice pudding…
This is an oatmeal pie…
And this is stuff I hope to be using in the future.  A good start to my collection of gunge, don’t you think?

My first time pieing myself
Filling up my shoes with oatmeal

And now, for the lycra, bondage, and feet pics… enjoy!

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