TFG Jean Feet, Part 3

Up and down, down and up.  Standing and lying down.  Hope you like the body shots.  A smaller post today… think of it more like an addendum.  But I don’t show bodyshots all that often, and these are quite recent, so I thought it’d be nice.

For those of you still reading… I have to admit, I’m once again a bit disappointed that no one seems to really care that I hit 1000 posts.  I do all this for free because I enjoy it.  But a little appreciation once in a while would be nice.  A simple “Thank you” goes a long way, and it doesn’t cost you anything.  It does keep me going, you know.  I am debating about making this blog private, so that only people who have spoken or commented with me before can read it.  Or deleting it altogether.  To be perfectly frank, I’m a bit depressed about it.  Am I being selfish?  Maybe.  But at my age, I have a right to be crotchety. 

I even mentioned this to my BF.  I don’t really talk to him about my blog often.  He knows I have one, but intentionally doesn’t look at it.  Partly because he’s not comfortable with it, and partly because he says that if I am going to have it, he wants to give me some space for it.  In any case, he mentioned that only tumblr blogs get a lot of appreciation.  True enough, but I don’t think I’d like posting to tumblr… it’s too “twitter”-like for my tastes.  I prefer longer, more detailed posts.

Sorry to bitch about this again… but sheesh, 1000 posts.  Daily.  For free.  And for what?  I’m asking myself that same question.  Maybe it’s time I’ve moved on to another hobby, and leave the blogging behind….

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