Assorted TwitPic Wishlist

So I got a Twitter to upload pics that don’t really fit into any other category, or perhaps many various ones.  But you also can’t post anything too explicit, which put me in a bit of a lurch.  So here’s a collection of pics I wish I could have posted there, but probably couldn’t.

Got room for my cock in that mouth of yours, too?  Actually, that’s not a question…

Now that’s what I can a workout.

Sexy ballgagged and bound boi.

Getting a whiff…

“Please let me go…”

Hope all that underwear is nice and used.  Not as good as socks, but it’ll do.

I think he’s just asking his toes to be suck, right?
This was actually the first fetish picture I ever ran into on the net.  I was so captivated by the power play, I didn’t even notice the guy had his cock out until much later.

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