The blog break is already helping my sex life

In the midst of discussing my blog stoppage with my BF, we brought up what does and does not turn us on.  Being virtually married, we sometimes have an unfortunate “task/chore” approach to sex sometimes.  You married guys probably know what I mean.  You know how it goes:  “Wanna tonight?”  “Okay, but it has to be fast… I have a big meeting tomorrow.”  Or:  “Are you kidding?  You know I have to get ready for that presentation!”  You get the idea.

So we both decided that maybe we should tie each other up sometimes with out “consulting” each other, and maybe not necessarily cuming each time.  Just some bondage for bondage sake.  For instance, I said it could be hot for me to watch TV, have him come in and bind my hands and gag me, and then leave me to continue watching.  Now we do have some safety words… if we really can’t or don’t want to, we’ll say “Red”.  If we can, but only for a short time, we’ll say “Yellow” followed by the number of minutes it’d be okay to remain in bondage, such as “Yellow–30”.  Not saying anything means you are consenting to it as long as the other partner has in mind, essentially.

With this in mind, I wanted to share 2 sexy times we recently had.  To be honest, two points.  1)  The incident I discuss actually happened before our talk, but was partly inspired by Restwalk’s constant craving for humiliation.  Now, my BF isn’t as into humiliation, but this was pretty close for us.  2)  My BF really didn’t want me to share this second story, because he felt it’d enable me to not want to stop my blog (he feels I need a break, too).  I see where he’s coming from, but I felt it was too hot not to post, and besides, it makes a fairly nice sign off story.

Without any further ado:

Me doming him
NOTE:  My BF is very private, and does not like pictures taken of himself.  Hence, there are no pics of him for this first story.  Actually, the pic is of me, from a future set to be posted at Captured Heroes eventually… but it’s a very similar position.

He wanted to try the new workout bench again.  This time, we kept it low and level.  He basically kneeled in front of it, bent his upper body over it, and I tied his torso down to it, with his hands tied behind him.  (Unlike the pic, where my hands are in front.  Also, it was low enough so that he could be kneeling.  But same general idea.)  Once in that position, I had him fondle my dick and balls as I stood behind him.  Then I moved in front of him.  I laid down on the floor, and put my legs up on the bench, on either side of his body.  I then pushed up my arms to lift my crotch into his face (imagine a crab walk, but with my legs and crotch up).  I then had him suck my bikini brief underwear until they were nice and wet.  Once done, I took off my underwear and put it over his head.  His eyes peeked through either side of the pouch, which covered his mouth, not unlike a surgical mask.  I then had him suck me as best he could through underwear covering his face.  He tried to get his tongue around it, but I (gently) slapped his head and told him no.  After a bit of this, his back started to feel a bit strained from the position, so I moved him to the bed, hands still tied behind him.  I gagged him with my underwear, sat on his face, put clothespins on his nipples, and jerked him until he came.

Him doming me

Just after I announced I was going to take a nap, my BF went out and got his iron shackles.  He cuffed me in them, locked me in, and left me to sleep.  Believe it or not, but I actually did mange to fall asleep.  When I awoke, I watched a bit of TV, and then went to work on the computer.  To be brutally honest, I was also engaged in a chat with Restwalker.  As I was doing this, my BF came by and put a collar around my neck and locked me in that as well.  I continued about my business.  (And let me note that working on a computer while shackled wasn’t as difficult as I imagined.  It actually lent itself to some interesting metaphors.)  Later, he came by and briefly unlocked my shackles so that I could take off my shirt.  Once shirtless, he put them back on.  He then went on an errand, and left me bound, collared, and shirtless for about 45 minutes (he did ask it if I would be comfortable in doing so) to work and chat on the computer.  I teased Restwalker with some pics of how I looked, which tormented him greatly because at the time, his Master had not let him touch himself in 17 days, so it didn’t take much to get him hard.

When my BF did return home, he ordered me to finish my chat in 5 minutes.  About 10 minutes after I said my goodbye to Restwalker, he told me to remove my pants and socks, led me to his office, and had me sit in a chair facing his computer.  Shortly thereafter, I looked like this:

Now, at first, I did not have the hood on.  He did that for my identity for the pictures.  Rest assured I was gagged with a leather plug gag under that hood, and for my entire time in this bondage.  If you look carefully in the last pic, you can see a hint of the iron shackles from before that he put back on again.  And yes, even though it’s blurred, my balls are tied.  And my collar is tied to the top of the chair, preventing me from looking around too much.

Here’s where things got very interesting.  But first, you need a short lesson about the layout of his room.  I was tied to a chair facing his computer.  Behind me is his TV.  And to my left is his couch.  Well, as you can imagine, as I’m facing his computer with the gigantic monitor, he turns on his webcam, so I can see myself bound and gagged.  He they lays down on his couch to watch me struggle.  He turns on a Bound Gods movie on his TV that he had prepared earlier, and starts stroking himself.  I can even see some of it via the webcam.  Eventually, he puts it on his own computer for me to enjoy a bit directly, as he tapes one of his socks over my face.

After a while, he puts the webcam back on, so I’m looking at myself again, and he starts to stroke me.  I don’t cum soon enough, so he pours some cold water over my cock and balls, shocking me a bit.  He continues in this manner, counting me down to cum, and that if I don’t cum, he pours more cold water over my cock.  For the record, the screen is big enough for me to see my face and my cock.  He tells me to look at myself and he strokes me again and tells me to be a cumslut, and I finally shoot a load that goes almost up to my shoulder.  Which is quite impressive for me, since I don’t tend to be a distance shooter.

To think… this may not have happened if I hadn’t discussed my blog stoppage with him.  There’s some nice benefits already to this.  😉

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