It’s all a lie

Often, I feel I get more credit here on the blog than I sometimes deserve. Just because I post kinky pics, many assume I’m an expert, and have played with a ton of guys.

Well, the truth is, I’ve only been seriously exploring kink firsthand in the last 5 years or so, and only primarily with one guy–my current boyfriend.

Sure, I have posted a few sets where I worked with others. But they are far and few between, and I often secretly feel like a novice while I’m doing them.  My actual dom experience is severely limited, aside from my imagination and online play.

Yet I often get emails from others envious of all I’ve done, and asking for tips and advice.  The funny part is I can remember when I was in that same position, feeling all alone, and wishing for someone to tie me up.  Really, it’s how I started this whole blog.  Many years ago, I visited bondage sites.  And foot sites.  But rarely did I see the two together.  So I started my own free Tripod website, and began posting pics of my own tied feet, and tied feet pics I’d find on the web.  I didn’t have a relationship at the time, and it was all my own self-bondage (which, fortunately, is pretty easy when you’re just focusing on your own feet).

Things are different now.  Not only are there sites that showcase feet in bondage, I’ve also got a fantastic partner who ties me up constantly.  It’s great, but it’s also very self-contained.  We basically don’t play with others.  You know, the monogamous thing.  🙂  We’ve sort of entertained the idea of playing with others, but so far, we don’t really know anyone well enough together to trust.  Keep in mind he’s pickier about that sort of thing than I am.

It puts me in a somewhat unusual place.  I suppose all my time surfing the net and researching various kinky pictures has given me a lot of ideas.  But at the same time, I see what other guys post on their blogs and profiles (Recon, GF, etc.), and I feel so amateur and inexperienced.  They play with all sorts of guys, have bondage parties, go to bondage events (IML, MIR, etc.), tie guys up together… the list goes on.  And I find myself envious still.

There’s a lesson here somewhere, but I’ll be damned if I know what it is.

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