Updates; TFG Feet in UA

If you haven’t been following my twitter, you should be. Because then you’d already know the following:

  • Not only has work been insanely busy, but I’ve also been a bit sick, as well as enduring some minor family issues.  So if you’ve written me lately, I’m not ignoring you, but it may still be a bit before I get back to you.  Please be patient.
  • I got to have another straight guy feet and bondage session.  Can you say 20 year old with size 14 feet?  More about this later…
  • Got my first Mr. S affiliate check… let’s keep ’em coming!  Buy stuff from my links or shopping page, and help support me!
  • To all my gunge fans… I was given a single serve chocolate pudding cup that I’d rather put to good use for pics.  Any suggestions? I could splatter it with my foot, coat it on foot and lick it off, coat on foot and wipe on face, drip onto face, etc.  Send me some comments and/or messages and let me know.

In the meantime, new pics of me!  Wearing my Under Armor and barefoot.  What more do you want?  😉

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