Happy Thanksgiving! Vote for me and shop–and some sad personal news

I know you like your twinks trussed up, so here you go! And something else to be thankful for: I’ll have a second celebrity post later today. So check back later!

Okay, there’s a typo for “Thanksgiving”.  It’s the thought that counts.  😉

Also, I was playing around a bit… and I was noticing that if you go to Best Male Blogs and search under “Fetish, BDSM, Kink” category, and search under the filter of “Popularity” (the small links near the top of the page), I seem to be in the Top 10!  I have no idea how they figure that out, but I won’t argue.  In any case, it’d be cool to see this blog in the Top 10 for Blogs with 100+ votes, so help me out and vote for me!  And you can do so anytime, there’s a link on the sidebar, too.

To be honest, my Captured Heroes blog is a bit closer in rating to break the Top 10 for Blogs with 100+ votes… but either way, it’d be cool to be there for either blog.  Even better for both.  So let’s make this happen!  😉

Lastly, you can also help support me and my blog by visiting my Shopping Page, visiting the links, and buying stuff.  You were going to do your Christmas shopping there anyway, right?  Might as well do it here.  😉  I do give small reviews of what I think is best to buy at the various sites.

I’m also debating setting up an Amazon wish list, if anyone ever wanted to get me anything… would that be something any of you would be interested in supporting?  I’d try to put as many supplies on there that I could possibly use for here… rope, shoes, socks, hero stuff/shirts, vet wrap, etc.  And maybe a few indulgent items, too.  Let me know.

As for the sad news… I hesitate to even mention it, but I will say someone in my immediate family is quite sick, and going through some medical trauma.  Which is always unpleasant, especially since the diagnosis sort of came out of nowhere.  You’d think that’d make me not want to post, but in a way, it’s a good escape, so I still intend to for the most part.  But if there are some periods where I seem fairly quiet (especially in regard to responding to emails), that may be why.   Thanks in advance for your understanding.

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