Sometimes plans don’t go the way you expect. After a meet with TicklishGuys didn’t work out, he recommended a friend to me.  I ended up with Kev instead for sexy foot and bondage play.  Hence, a twinkswap.

Kev is 20, and has size 14 feet.  What more do you need to know?  😉  I allowed him to take off my shoes and let him sniff and worship my socked feet, which he seemed to enjoy quite a bit.  He begged to take them off, but I wouldn’t let him.  I told him he had to earn it.  I had him put on some leather wrist and ankle restraints, and tied him down spread eagle.  I couldn’t help but notice his large boner, which I patted knowingly.  Then I stood over him, and held my sock in front of his face.  I told him he could pull them off with his mouth. He only got halfway (I was wearing thick crewe cotton socks, so it wasn’t easy), but he starting sucking on and licking my heel.  I enjoyed seeing it disappear deep into his mouth, and having his tongue clean it thoroughly.

Of course, I had to have my fun, too.  I took off his shoes, immediately holding them to my face.  There was a nice odor, but not too overpowering.  I thought it’d be best he smell them for himself, and held them over his nose and mouth.  While he was at it, I forced the shoe onto his face and ordered him to lick the bottoms clean, and to get them nice and wet.

I returned to his white cotton ankle socks.  While he hadn’t had a chance to wear his shoes and socks for long that day, he did manage to make up for it by wearing three pairs, and said they were old.  The first layer of socks I got to sniff had more aroma than the shoes, and sucking on them, even through all the layers, elicited moans of delight from Kev.  I took off the first layer of socks and sniffed their musky odor, holding them close to my nose.  And forced them over his, too.  I wriggled my fingers over his socked feet, which caused his toes and foot to squirm mercilessly.  I asked him what was his favorite part of feet.  He answered the toes.  I remembered that answer for later.

Taking advantage of his vulnerable position, I sat on his chest facing him, my legs straddling his sides.  I began to tickle him mercilessly, focusing mostly on his pits and sides.  It was almost too much for him to bear.  I pulled off one of my socks, and placed it over his eyes as a blindfold.  I returned to his feet for more tickling.  As he thrashed about, the sock fell off.  I told him he had to be punished for that a bit.  Lying down at his feet between his legs, I rubbed my feet on his chest, and slowly prodded them under his shirt, eventually poking them through the neck of his shirt… but I held them just beyond licking range. I was sure to wriggle my toes quite a bit to tease him.  Not quite satisfied I had tormented him enough, I removed my feet from his shirt, and rubbed them into his crotch, feeling his hard dick.  I slowly inserted my feet into the legs of his shorts, and gave him a small foot job through his underwear.

See those shorts?  I slid my feet right up ’em, one on each leg.

At that point, I decided to hogtie him.  Once trussed up on his stomach, I began removing the next layer of his socks. I tickled him a bit more. Then I sat in front of him, propping my feet in front of his face.  I knew he really wanted my toes, he had begged for them a few times before.  But I still wasn’t sure if he was worthy.  I allowed him to lick my soles and heels, but cruelly kept my toes away from his mouth, pulling my feet away if he got to close.  I asked him if he wanted to be gagged.  He said not really. I told him that was too bad, and put a ball gag in his mouth regardless.  I then delighted in rubbing my feet in his ball gagged face, and having my toes push his ballgag around a bit.

But I knew he really wanted my feet, and I have to admit, I really wanted to see his at last.  I untied him, and we both laid on the bed, feet in each other’s faces.  I pulled off his final layer of socks, and inhaled a wonderful stink.  I wish it could have been more, but it certainly was enough.  I began kissing and licking those soft, tender size 14 soles of his.  Which elicited a long series of moans from him.  I asked him about that, and he said no one had ever licked his feet before.  I was glad to be the first!

Imagine having these covering your face.

We spent quite a bit of time just enjoying some foot 69.  I worked on one foot, then the other, then enjoyed having both of his feet pressing against my face.  The smell was just right.

Eventually, he took out his dick.  He grabbed one of my feet, and began rubbing it against his cock.  I asked if he could cum onto my other foot, and then lick it off.  He agreed, and did.  There seemed to be quite a bit of cum for him to lick off, too.  I believe I had to stick my foot in his face a second time to insure he got every last drop.

He didn’t want any pics taken during our play time, so I had to respect that.  But afterwards, he did allow me to take pics of his feet for your enjoyment… and mine.  😉  Hopefully I’ll meet with Kev again some day… and maybe with TicklishGuys at the same time.  The possibilities with two young feet, bondage, and ticklish twinks could be quite entertaining, don’t you think?

As a very sexy afterward… I do have to add that I could smell his feet on my face on the drive home.  That was hot.

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